Customers' Comments on Eagnas Combo 910 stringing machine

  1. I got the Combo 910. I was able to install it the right way!!! so far all okay. Just need to learn to string now. Thank you again.

    K. Stark, U.S.A., November 4, 2017

  2. I have a model Combo 910 stringer that works great...

    John, U.S.A., May 6, 2016

  3. In the past I bought a combo 910 machine from you and the machine was great.

    B. Lev-Ari, Isreal, September 18, 2015

  4. Just wanted you to know that we received the Combo 910 delivered by UPS in 5 days from shipping date. All was just as described, the Combo 910 is everything we hoped it would be, great machine for my son's 13th birthday present. Son Matthew, had been using a Gamma ATS drop weight machine which was difficult and sometimes hurtful to use. He has found his new Combo 910 a huge improvement, assembly took 45 minutes & the usual manual directions were easy to follow. Matthew strung his first racquet in a record 50 minutes, the second racquet strung with Klip natural gut was just as easy and took only 45 minutes. Matthew has subsequently restrung my racquets with ease, the Combo 910 is an extremely well built, sturdy and easy to use product. We can't imagine why anyone would want to spend more for another brand similar machine.

    Thank you for your quick response to my emails, and the help in making sure getting the birthday present machine was a good experience. Maxline Eagnas has made a young tournament level player very happy.

    S. Maws, U.S.A., May 10, 2010

  5. I have been using the Eagnas Combo 910 for over a year now and it is working great. Excellent product, strings any recket. Rock solid.

    B. Crossen, U.S.A., March 9, 2010

  6. My Combo 910 arrived in great condition 7 days after I ordered it. Thanks for the fast shipment. Assembly took about 30 monutes. I have strung a few racquets, and really enjoyed the machine. Thanks for the wonderful transaction.

    S. Kirby, U.S.A., March 1, 2010

  7. I received my Combo 910 today and everything was perfect. Thank you for such a great product. Everything (Combo 910) arrived in one piece. Assembly was easy and stringing is a breeze.

    K. Nguyen, U.S.A., February 15, 2010

  8. Everything (Combo 910) arrived in one piece. Assembly was easy and stringing is a breeze.

    K. Nguyen, U.S.A., February 15, 2010

  9. Thank you for the order. The Combo 910 machine looks great and is set up and ready to go.

    F. Hennessey, U.S.A.,January 11, 2010

  10. I received Combo 910 machine few weeks ago, I am very impressed with quality and value. No major issue.

    K. Patel, U.S.A.,January 8, 2010

  11. I ordered a Combo 910 stringer which I really like and some strings and accessories.

    G. Zirbel, U.S.A., November 13, 2009

  12. I already received my last order (Combo 910). Everything is OK. Thanks.

    W. Oliveira, Brazil, August 18, 2009

  13. Thank you, we picked up the machine and have already restrung 7 rackets. It works great, the 910 combo, thanks Victor!

    H. Dong, U.S.A., April 21, 2009

  14. Your staff was very help. He answered all my questions. Please let me know when you ship it (Combo 910) so that I can expect the arriving date. Thanks.

    W. Zhao, U.S.A., April 17, 2009

  15. Just wanted to say thanks again. I've strung about 20 rackets and the Combo 910 fits my needs perfectly. Excellent quality and easy to use.

    B. Crossen, U.S.A., March 16, 2009

  16. Thanks so much for you help and by the way I really enjoy my machine (Combo 910). It does a great job for me and my other friends who I string for. Take care,

    V. Ganshorn, U.S.A., March 2, 2009

  17. Hi there! I purchased the Eagnas Combo 910 and have been more than happy with it... Once again, I have been very happy with the machine. Thanks again.

    A. Niemiec, U.S.A., February 10, 2009

  18. Received the Combo 910 stringing machine order and I am well pleased. Thanks.

    G. Willcox, U.S.A., January 29, 2009

  19. The Combo 910 arrived and I have strung rackets - everything works perfectly. I went on "" and posted a very positive review of your Combo 910 stringer and your company's service last week. It has been 7 days and they still haven't posted it to their Review Section. It doesn't look like they play fairly. I'd be more than willing to be a reference if you need one in the Boston area.

    B. Crossen, U.S.A., January 21, 2009

  20. I ordered the Combo 910 and the Feeling string in December 2008. The Feeling string is very good. Even I put this string on my friends' racquets. They all like this string.

    A. Mira, U.S.A., January 8, 2009

  21. I have recently purchased a Combo 910 stringer from you guys and it's awesome. Everything is fine.

    P. Pantapalangkoor, U.S.A., November 26, 2008

  22. I received the Combo 910. Thank you for handling in a timley manner. It is greatly appreciated.

    D. Suarez, U.S.A., November 14, 2008

  23. I bought an Eagnas Combo 910 from you in 2006. I am satisfied with its performance.

    J. Oldham, U.S.A., September 25, 2008

  24. I have a EAGNAS Combo 910 stringing machine and have been using it for 3 years and I am very happy with it. I would like to enquire if you have any table top manual or electronic stringing machines with similar features to 910. eg 4 fixed points and manual crank? I would like to travel with the table top and so weight is a key point. Could you advise weight of any suitable machines ? I saw the combo 810 or Flex 840 which maybe suitable?

    W. Ryan, Australia, July 15, 2008

  25. Hello, I've purchased one of your machines (Combo 910) and it works very well. Thank you.

    K. Brogan LTA Licensed Coach, England, July 3, 2008

  26. Thankyou for your response. I received the Combo 910 Stringing Machine yesterday. The machine works fine and I strung the first racquet already.

    S. Patel, U.S.A., June 13, 2008

  27. The machine (Combo 910) is working great. I was wondering, how do I order more of the rubber padding for the K-arm support?

    H. Khoa, U.S.A., April 18, 2008

  28. Dear Maxline, I have been the happy owner of the Eagnas Combo 910 stringing machine for many years.

    N. Rabena, U.S.A., June 18, 2007

  29. Hello, Assembled the stringer (Combo 910) today and already strung a couple rackets, the machine seems to be in order thanks. It was a pleasure meeting you at your warehouse today,

    K. Yanagawa, U.S.A., May 30, 2007

  30. Received my order (Combo 910) 17May2007. Thanks for facilitating its immediate shipment and keep up the good work.

    F. Pantilag, Canada, May 18, 2007

  31. Hi there, I have Eagnas Combo 910. The machine is less than a year old and works great.

    K. Ho, U.S.A., May 18, 2007

  32. It's all set and the check will be cut and sent next week. Thanks so much for your help and we love the stringer (Combo 910).

    University of California Santa Cruz, U.S.A., June 7, 2005

  33. I just received my new Combo 910. Everything arrived in good order; easy to assemble. The machine is very well made and easy to use. I strung my first racquet after assembly and it worked beautifully. Thank you for your help in determining the right machine for my intended use. Satisfied customer.

    A. Partagas, U.S.A., May 19, 2005