• hello, Yesterday, I received the Flex 840. The machine was OK. I used it last night and it works perfectly.

    Thank you for selling an excellent product.

    D. Lindenberg, U.S.A., March 1, 2005

    Customers' Comments

    Customers' Comments on Eagnas Flex 840 stringing machine

    1. I have the tabletop model Flex 840 (serial #BD25). This has been a great machine for me for almost 10 years now!

      D. Cunha, U.S.A., June 23, 2016

    2. I have received the unit last Friday & everything is above expectations. Assembly was really easy after reading the very well written manual. It only took me less than 10 minutes to complete the process.

      I managed to string my first squash racket in about 30 minutes & that was because I wasn't familiar with the string locking mechanism. Now that I know how the machine works I should be able to string much faster. Great machine overall.

      KJ Wong, Malaysia, December 9, 2015

    3. I have been using my Flex 840 I bought from your company from the past 8 years.

      P. Braga, U.S.A., October 2, 2015

    4. I love the Flex 840 stringer. Already set it up and strung my first racket.

      M. Kim, U.S.A., March 20, 2015

    5. I received my Eagnas flex 840 stringing machine on January 22nd. I had it assembled in about 15 minutes and completed my first racquet roughly 40 minutes later. Thank you, I am very happy with the machine.

      D. Talbott, U.S.A., February 2, 2010

    6. Received my Eagnas Flex 840 stringing machine 8th May and am pleased with it.

      D. Gee, New Zealand, September 5, 2009

    7. Received my Eagnas Flex 840 stringing machine 8th May and am pleased with it.

      D. Gee, New Zealand, May 9, 2009

    8. About six years ago I purchased from you a Flex 840 manual table-top machine for stringing squash racquets. It has served me well...

      H. Richardson, U.S.A., March 25, 2009

    9. I bought a Flex 840 table top stringing machine from you about 2 years ago...it has been working perfect.

      C. Forster, U.S.A., December 27, 2008

    10. Wowo! I have the Flex 840. You guys are great -- we'll recommend your service to others at the tennis academy!

      L. Lukert, U.S.A., December 19, 2008

    11. I am quoting below the communications we had about 4 years ago when I first purchased the Eagnas Flex-840 fr you. The machine worked as expected and I am very happy with it.

      J. Buendia, U.S.A., November 20, 2008

    12. I recently order and received the Flex 840. Great machine.

      C. Field, U.S.A., November 16, 2008

    13. Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I got my stringer (Flex 840) in on Friday. Every thing is all in order and I strung three racquets already. Great machine for the price, I'm very happy with this purchase.

      C. Lalin, U.S.A., October 19, 2008

    14. I purchased my Eagnas Flex 840 tabletop stringing machine about 2 years ago and was thoroughly happy with it... The stringer works great and I have been really happy with it.

      T. Reni, U.S.A., October 14, 2007

    15. I just received Flex 840. 05/11/2007. Excellent service, fast shipping. I'm very satisfied. I've restring 3 racquets already. Very clear instructions, very eazy operations. Thanks a lot

      A. Kolesnikova, U.S.A., May 13, 2007

    16. My name is N. Billows and I own the Flex-840 Stringing Machine. I am very happy with it. I need to order a couple things for it. I would like to order the following items: TCG-100, Perfect Spin String, Synthetic 130 String and Poly Nova 16 String.

      N. Billows, Canada, August 27, 2006

    17. I have already received the stringing machine (Flex 840). It works great!

      D. Bautista, U.S.A., August 17, 2006

    18. i have got my restringing machine flex 840 i tried it today and and it's working perfectly fine and i love it, thanks.

      R. Mania, U.S.A., February 23, 2006

    19. I am enjoying learning how to string my tennis racquets with the Flex 840 that I purchased from you Nov./Dec. 2004. I would like to order the following additional items:

      T. J Burgoyne, U.S.A., June 15, 2005

    20. Hi my name is O. Lima. My member number is 4072140, and I am from Mexico, so please excuse me if I wrote some words incorrectly, (I speak english but not too much),I often go out of my country to play torunaments and I am in touch with people of all the mexican republic, also I travel with my eagnas Flex 840 machine and I am very happy with your machines and all the maxline company, the last torunament I have stringed 35 raquets and about 5 persons per tournament are interested in my eagnas machine, your machines are amazing, they work perfectly.

      O. Lima, Mexica, May 8, 2005

    21. Received (Flex 840). Thank you. Strung 2 racquets and love the machine.

      T. Kendall, U.S.A., April 27, 2005

    22. Two weeks ago I bought a Flex 840 stringing machine. Everything works...

      J. Fifield, U.S.A., August 27, 2004

    23. I bought the Flex 840 last week. It is excellent. And the price is excellent too. Even it is bette than the other more expensive models...

      R. Roundtree, U.S.A., July 23, 2004


      N. Billows, Canada, June 21, 2004

    25. I recently ordered an Eagnas Flex 840 stringing machine from you (May 31, 2004). I have received the machine in good condition and am pleased with the quality and ease of use.

      M. Lachman, U.S.A., June 18, 2004

    26. I receive the Flex-840 stringing machine and have assembled it. I like it but I haven't tried it yet since none of my strings have broken lately. I just want to ask you a question. Does Eagnas have an adaptor or something like a stand extension that can be inserted between the machine and the base so the Flex-840 model can be converted fr a table top to floor standing machine? Just curious because it looks like it is possible.

      J. Buendia, U.S.A., April 27, 2004

    27. I received my order (Flex 840) today. All looks good...

      K. Rowe, U.S.A., February 11, 2004

    28. The Products (Flex 840) have arrived. Thank you for your kind correspondence.

      K. Saito, Japan, January 19, 2004

    29. I bought the Flex 840 last week. It is excellent. And the price is excellent too. Even it is bette than the other more expensive models...

      R. Roundtree, U.S.A., July 23, 2004

    30. I bought Flex 840 on 07/27/2003, it is quality and easy to string the racquet. I also received a Head Mounting Post that you sent to me last Thursday. Thank you for your excellent services.

      H. Nguyen, U.S.A., August 4, 2003