Customers' Comments on Eagnas Flex 920 stringing machine

  1. I bought the Flex 920 over 10 years ago and it is holding up very well. It is a very good stringing machine.

    K. To, U.S.A., August 6, 2016

  2. I got the Flex 920 machine about 11 years ago. It is very good. I have no problem with it. Now I come back to the states. I just can not bring it back due to the limitation of the luggage. I want to purchase the Flex 920 machine again.

    C. Rosado, U.S.A., March 22, 2016

  3. I bought a Flex 920 over 10 years ago, and it's been awesome over the entire period. Thanks so much for providing such a great product and a great price!

    P. Heifetz, U.S.A., June 21, 2015

  4. I purchased an Eagnas Flex 920 Stringing Machine on July 21, 2007 and have been happy with the tool.

    A. Spickard, U.S.A., June 3, 2010

  5. I bought Flex 920 machine several years ago. I am very happy with this machine.

    J. Jacob, U.S.A., November 11, 2009

  6. I have Flex 920. I am very happy with this machine. Thanks.

    R. Del Rosario, U.S.A., March 30, 2009

  7. I purchased a Flex 920 model last year and am very happy with the machine... Also, I would like to let you know that the Poly Nova string that you sell is excellent in its playability and durability. I am a USPTA tennis pro and a USRSA member and have used all of the name brand polyester strings like Luxilon, Babolat Hurricane, Wilson Enduro Pro and Prince Poly Gut. Your Poly Nova is comparable to all of these string but of course for less $. You should advertise more.

    K. Yamanoha, U.S.A., April 12, 2008

  8. My Flex 920 arrived today and I have already strung 3 rackets, great timming! Not to mentioned that I would have spent $60 doing so. Everything so far is working great as expected. One comment is that UPS dropped the box and got it wet at some point. Initally I thought, bummer it is provably busted up. To my surprise nothing was scratched, bent or broken. I guess this speaks for the quality/strength of the components. Thanks for the prompt delivery of the stringer, I look forward to stringing many rackets at my own will. Thanks

    T. Vazquez, U.S.A., January 28, 2008

  9. I have the Flex 920 with cone locking base clamps. I own this machine for 2+ years and it has worked well for me.

    A. Go, U.S.A., September 19, 2007

  10. I received my order as promised and wanted to commend you on your speedy turnaround for order processing and delivery. The Flex 920 machine is great and my husband loves it.

    J. P. Bowen, U.S.A., August 27, 2007

  11. Hi. I have used your Flex 920 that my friend bought and it is a nice machine. Can you tell me how your glide bar clamp machines compare to the Flex 920? I am looking for something in the $400 range but your glide models Beta, EAG 300, 350 ,700, 700 LE, and 860 looks very similar in both price and functions and not sure the difference in all the models. Thanks for your help!

    A. Go, U.S.A., April 23, 2006

  12. Thanks... I plan to be ordering another machine soon... I've been very happy with Eagnas machines (Flex 920)...!

    J.G. Liebenberg, U.S.A., January 26, 2006

  13. I purchased your Flex 920 and been quite satisfied with the machine. As part of my purchase I received perfect spin strings. I was wondering if you have this string in 17 gauge? Thanks!

    A. Go, U.S.A., November 24, 2005

  14. I recently purchased a flex 920 stringing machine and am very satisfied with it.

    O. Rivera, U.S.A., July 23, 2005

  15. I purchased a Flex 920 on March 24, 2005. Since then, I have strung over 150 racquetball and tennis racquets and am extremely satisfied with the quality and heft of the machine. The Flex 920 arrived perfectly calibrated and was packed very well. In fact, I have not yet to calibrate the machine even with routine checks.

    Thank you for taking the time to help me choose the machine best for me.

    R. C. Dixon, U.S.A., July 7, 2005

  16. Hello, I recently purchased an Eagnas Flex 920 and I received it yesterday. Everything is fine and I love the machine... The machine works great! I am stringing for a big tennis tournament this weekend and will set up my stringing machine at the tennis courts. Again I appreciate the fast shipping and the courtesy that you have shown me during my purchase.

    B. Craig, U.S.A., June 30, 2005

  17. I actually received it (Flex 920) and was already able to string a racket yesterday. Thanks!

    R. Garrucho, U.S.A., May 6, 2005

  18. The stringer (Flex 920) is great, but i need a reciept showing my purchase so that I can get re-imbursed from my college that I coach at.

    M. Lucas, U.S.A., March 1, 2005

  19. I purchased a Flex-920 two weeks ago and received it last week. Thanks. Otherwise, it works great and I am glad I got it.

    A. Pierre, U.S.A., January 19, 2005

  20. I just purchased your Flex 920 machine... Thanks for the offer but I figured it out and it works great, stung all 4 of my racquets in less then 3 hours. Thanks and have a great holiday!

    J. W. LaChase, U.S.A., November 29, 2004

  21. I have bought a machine from you several years ago and look to buy another. I want to buy a FLEX 940...

    Craig, United Kingdom, July 13, 2004

  22. Thanks Sir... The machine (Flex 920) works great...!

    S. Chadwell, USPTA, Professional Tennis Coaching, U.S.A., July 7, 2004

  23. I ordered this machine (Flex 920) Saturday (4-24-2004). I received it Friday. I 'm very delighted with this machine. High quality. The manual is very clear... Pleasure to do business with you.

    J. Irish, U.S.A., May 4, 2004

  24. My name is R Nieves. I'm interested in knowing the shipping cost of the Eagnas Stringing Machine Flex 920 to Puerto Rico. I have a Silent Partner (electrical) and is not working well, specially the tension.

    R Nieves, U.S.A., January 29, 2004

  25. Please disregard email sent yesterday as the second box arrived today. Sorry for the trouble & thanks for a good looking machine (Flex 920).

    J. Rosewarne, Australia, January 6, 2004

  26. I ordered this machine (Flex 920) Saturday (4-24-2004). I received it Friday. I 'm very delighted with this machine. High quality. The manual is very clear... Pleasure to do business with you.

    J. Irish, U.S.A., May 4, 2004