Customers' Comments on Eagnas Hyper 320 stringing machine

  1. This is a very easy stringer Hyper 320 to use. I have used alpha and gamma at college where I play tennis. Eagnas is a far better company. This machine is great for any one who wants to string. The setup was very simple and the machine is very sturdy standup. It does not tip or wobble when you move parts of the machine. The clamps hold the string very well and can be adjusted without a wrench. I recommend this stringer to all.

    R. Ewbank, U.S.A., July 4, 2007

  2. Thanks for the information. I'll be calling tomorrow to order the string. I have a Hyper 320 that I bought when running a tennis camp at Mt. Holyoke College the summer of 2003 and the first machine I ever had was a Maxline model that I guess is what's now the EAG-700. My dad bought this one for me when about 13 or 14 years ago, and even though I haven't used it recently, I checked the tension head and it still works fine. Thanks again!

    B. Feldman, U.S.A., September 16, 2004

  3. I bought a Hyper 320 stringing machine on Oct. 4 2003. It has been working great

    D. Victorine, U.S.A., March 11, 2004

  4. I have assembled my Unit (Hyper 480) and started to use it. It seems to function o'k so far.

    U. Pevzner, U.S.A., April 14, 2003