Customers' Comments on Eagnas Neon CXS and Neon CX21 stringing machines

  1. I have been very happy with my Neon CXS string machine.

    K. Lam, U.S.A., March 30, 2009

  2. I own a "Eagnas Stringing machine Neon CX21" purchased around April 02, 2003... I am very satisfied and happy with the "Neon CX21" stringing machinr.

    L. R. Gonela, USPTA Teaching Pro, U.S.A., December 17, 2007

  3. Hi, I got my Neon CX21 from you 2 years ago and have been very happy with it. We have strung about 200 racquets with it.

    L. Macindoe, Australia, March 3, 2006

  4. Hello: I own a Eagnas Neon CXS for over 1 year and have been very happy with it..

    Omar Caticha, U.S.A., January 8, 2006

  5. I earlier this month, I purchased a Neon CXS stringing machine from you. I really enjoy it!

    C. Freer, U.S.A., October 24, 2005

  6. Hello. A Happy New Year! Sometimes I use the stringing machine (Neon CX21). It is good quality.

    K. Tanaka, Japan, January 25, 2004

  7. Hi, My name Is D. Chun and I purchased a Eagnas Neon CXS Upgraded model stringing machine from you. The machine is working ok.

    D. Chun, U.S.A., November 26, 2003

  8. I have already recieved the 100V electronic tension head (Neon CX21) last week. And I have been able to use the stringing machine. I am glad.

    Kousuke, Japan, October 12, 2003

  9. The machine (Neon CX21) reached today. I am extremely glad.

    Y. Sakata, U.S.A., September 25, 2002

  10. I recieved the gripper sheets today. The stringer (Neon CXS) is working great. Thank you for the quick delivery and great service. I really appreciate your promptness.

    D. Atkinson, U.S.A., April 25, 2002

  11. The machine (Neon CXS) works great and perfect.

    M. Malone, U.S.A., November 27, 2001

  12. I purchased a Neon CSX stringing machine in April. While in general I have been pleased.

    C. Crumpler, U.S.A., September 29, 2001

  13. I received the Neon CXS. It is very good for me. I already strung 2 racquets.

    A. Dolgov, U.S.A., August 25, 2001

  14. I recently bought an Eagnas CXS stringer from you. It's a great little machine,.. In general, the CXS is very well made and functions quite well,..

    R. Malmros, U.S.A., June 27, 2001

  15. I'm happy with it, Neon CX21.

    M. Kahn, U.S.A., June 11, 2001

  16. I purchased a CX21 last week,.. and all are well...

    M. Khan, U.S.A., May 7, 2001

  17. I got the Stringer (Neon CXS). It works great.

    J. Brownson, U.S.A., April 16, 2001

  18. I am very satisfied with my machine (Neon CXS). You guys have been very helpful.

    J. Romasanta, Japan, February 14, 2001