Customers' Comments on Eagnas Plus 6500 stringing machine

  1. My Plus 6500 stringing machine came. It is all set up and everything is fine.

    C. Gertler, U.S.A., December 19, 2015

  2. I have a Eagnas Plus 6500 and am very satisfied. Now I buy a Smart 6000, which also works well.

    T. Rink, Germany, March 17, 2015

  3. Thanks you for processing my order for Plus 6500 so swiftly. I got it and have strung 2 rackets with it by now, I like it a lot and I am a happy customer!

    I would like to get 2 more tools: TT-001 Tension tester (Tension meter) and the PP-600 starting clamp.

    D. Kaudel, U.S.A., May 9, 2012

  4. My machine is a 6500 and I string mostly racquetball racquets. I love the machine, I am a new stringer and am getting better every day.

    D. Gale, U.S.A., September 4, 2011

  5. I have received my new stringing machine (Plus 6500) last night. Everything seems in order. The machine looks really nice and solid. I didn't string with it yet, but so far I am happy. I want to thank Victor to be very helpful on the phone and for shipping the machine right away. Thank you very much.

    G. Cappuccilli, U.S.A., June 16, 2010

  6. Thanks, I strung my first racquet on my Eagnas Plus 6500 effortlessly!

    R. Gutierrez, U.S.A., April 6, 2009

  7. I am thinking of buying the Eagnas Plus 6500 or the Comet II. I have heard some good recommendations for the Plus 6500 and little feedback for the Comet II.

    M. Sanwo, U.S.A., September 19, 2008

  8. I received the Eagnas Plus 6500 stringing machine and have assembled it and it is in perfect working order.

    M. Berger, U.S.A., June 27, 2008

  9. Hi guys, I bought a plus 6500 (which I love) in Australia... Thanks and keep up the good work- great machine!!

    Justin C, Australia, April 13, 2008