Customers' Comments on Eagnas PN-1012 Swivel Clamp

  1. The clamp (PN-1012) is very nice, very smooth operation. It does not put mark on the string.

    B. Katz, U.S.A., December 8, 2009

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  3. Hello again, thanks so much for the new clamp (PN-1012) its really great. just need to order another...

    A. L. Allan, Canada, March 4, 2006

    hanks so much for the new clamp (PN-1012) its really great.

    A. Millar, Canada, March 4, 2006

  4. Thank you for the super fast shipping! also, the clamp (PN-1012) works great! all the best,

    R. Begay, U.S.A., August 12, 2005

  5. I have received the PN-1012 swivel clamp yesterday, and I have strung my very first tennis racquet ever. Eagnas Flex 740 worked very well. It is an excellent stringer for the price. I had not encountered any problem whatsoever. Thank you.

    D. T. Kim, U.S.A., April 19, 2005