Customers' Comments on Eagnas Poly Nova Titanium 17L string

  1. Hello, I would like to leave some customer feedback on some of the string I have recently purchased.

    For - Feeling 17ga/1.25:

    Early April 09, I strung 2 identical racquets using Feeling in the crosses [@60#]. Both are MP/98sqin. size racquets, first was with NANO[17ga/1.25] @55# in the mains the other was with Poly Nova 17L/1.20 in the mains at 56#. Initially both had very similar feel, very comfortable and very repeatable. As time and play worn on them, the racquet with nano on it became a little unpredictable. While the racquet with poly nova on it stayed very consistent. The racquet with nano had slightly wore the "Feeling" in the cross strings sooner than the other. My assumption is, the extra thin poly nova has a similar elongation rate as the Feeling and work together better than with Nano.

    For - Poly Nova Ti 17L/1.20

    This string has excellent feel and ball pocketing. I have strung several racquets with it and every customer including myself feel for the price point this is the best lite gauge mono filament string on the market. It's comfortable, extremely playable and holds tension very well. It's durability is what you would expect from lite gauge. It will wear and break after about 12 to 16 hours of competitive play. I rate this string 10 on Playability, 7 on durability, for an overall of 8.5. This is awesome for $30.00 a reel.


    T. Dundas, Oregon, U.S.A., May 2, 2009