Customers' Comments on Eagnas Combo 6010 and Smart 6000 stringing machines

The new Combo 6010 is an upgrade of the popular Smart 6000. It has the feature of tension switch
conveniently located next to the string gripper, much easier and faster to activate the string pull.

  1. I have had your Smart 6000 for approximately 10 years and have greatly enjoyed using it. It has held up extremely well!!

    Ran B, U.S.A., November 27, 2017

  2. I bought a stringing machine Combo 6010 for 1.5 years and am very happy with the machine.

    S. Beaumont, Germany, June 7, 2017

  3. Led display is good. Smart 6000 stringing machine it works very good.

    G. Bodnar, Poland, May 27, 2017

  4. I have smart 6000 for several years, love it and recommend it best buy you can have for the price.....

    M. Vodanovic, U.S.A., May 19, 2017

  5. We have the Combo 6010 machine and it works great. Thank you!

    N. Sepulveda, U.S.A., May 14, 2016

  6. We have the Smart 6000 machine. I love your products over the years.

    J. Irish, U.S.A., July 25, 2015

  7. I purchased the Combo 6010 1 year ago. I strung lots of badminton racquets. I am impressed with this machine.

    J. Ji, U.S.A., July 14, 2015

  8. I bought a smart 6000 from you about 6 years ago and it has been a good machine. Thanks.

    B. Ward, U.S.A., May 3, 2014

  9. I received your Combo 6010 stringing machine, good performance, everything ok....

    S. Balan, United Arab Emirates, March 27, 2014

  10. I am from the Netherlands and I have been using the Eagnas smart 6000 for the last four years with great plessure. I am using my smart 6000 on a daily basis.

    S. Helderop, Netherlands, September 17, 2013

  11. Wonderful machine (Combo 6010), and great shipping. This machine is a pleasure to use, and do not be deceived by the low price of the machine, it sacrifices no quality. I have strung a few rackets on the machine, and have been impressed with the results. It makes stringing a true pleasure, and get it done in a timely manner. The shipping was right on time, and very prompt. The assembly was easy after you get the base connected to the stand, but assembly is a 2 person job to lift the heavy pieces of equipment. BOTTOM LINE: GREAT MACHINE, AND IS WORTH EVERY PENNY AND MORE WITH GREAT SERVICE.

    W. Walsh, U.S.A., August 23, 2013

  12. We purchased a Smart 6000 last week teusday along with 2 rolls of badminton string. We recieved everything in good condition and we are using it.

    M. Feenstra, U.S.A., February 18, 2010

  13. I finally received Smart 6000. It was a long waiting time, but I'm happy to get it now.

    S. Voss, Japan,February 6, 2010

  14. I just received my new Eagnas Smart 6000 machine... I like it a lot,

    J. MacDonald, U.S.A.,February 5, 2010

  15. I own a Smart 6000, and I love it. It's my 3rd stringer that I bought from you, and I love the performance of your machines.

    Julien, U.S.A., October 22, 2009

  16. I received Smart 6000. It has excellent function. Thanks.

    P. Polo, Peru, August 16, 2009

  17. I have had the SMART 6000 now for a couple years and it is quite a phenomenal machine. I have strung over 300 badminton racquets with it and it has been quite reliable. On occassion, the electronic tensioner will malfunction and not work. Eagnas has been very cooperative and showed me how to send it back to them to have it diagnosed.

    W. Mee, U.S.A., May 7, 2009

  18. I went to the Eagnas warehouse to pick up the Smart 6000 machine on January 19. It is great.

    B. Oster, U.S.A., January 22, 2009

  19. I have the Smart 6000 and I love it! Happy New Year.

    Julien K., U.S.A., January 15, 2009

  20. I received the Smart 6000 stringing machine last week and I must say I am impressed with the quality of the machine. Have a great day,

    D. A Hagino, U.S.A., July 1, 2008

  21. thank you, i received the package (Tension calibrator and the calibration instructions) today and i already calibrate my machine (Smart 6000)... everything went well thank you again for your help.

    F. Wang, U.S.A., May 2, 2008

  22. I received the Smart 6000. It is beautiful. I already strung 1 racquet. It is great. About the sample of the Feeling string, I like it. I will order it later on.

    A. Anguiano, U.S.A., March 6, 2008

  23. I received my Smart 6000 today. It came in 4 boxes via UPS. Once I opened the boxes, I was very amazed at the packaging and the quality of the product and the accompanying tools. With the help of my 8 year old daughter, it was assembled and ready to string within 45 minutes. Instructions were very clear and straight forward. I immediately strung two BADMINTON rackets and was very pleased with the stringer's ease of use. The stand and parts are all very sturdy and the finish and paint was top knotch. The machine is fast and quiet to use and I'd highly recommend this to anyone. I plan on using this machine to string over 1000 rackets in the next few months and most likely will order another Smart 6000. What a great deal this was and is comparable to machines twice or three times more expensive. Thanks Victor!!

    W. Mee, U.S.A., January 22, 2008

  24. I purchased a Smart 6000 from your company a few years ago. I have been happy with the machine.

    F. Kistner, U.S.A., October 12, 2007

  25. We spoke on the phone. I would like to order a Padded K-shaped shoulder support.
    Also, I would like to comment on my Smart 6000. I've had it for 3 years now and it has strung over 800 racquets. I am a USRSA certified Master Racquet Technician who has strung at professional tennis tournaments with my Smart 6000. I've never had any problems with the machine. It's fast, efficient and has always stayed calibrated at the right tension. Thank you for your fine product and service.

    M. J. Miller, WI, U.S.A., May 22, 2007

  26. We are still waiting for the machine cover to come... we are very happy with our stringing machine (Smart 6000) from you! thank you,

    N. & A. Voulgaris, Greece, December 10, 2006

  27. We received the stringing machine Smart 6000, thank you. We are very happy with it, excellent choice!

    A. Voulgaris, Greece, October 12, 2006

  28. I am I. Chio, who bought the Smart 6000 (and I like it a lot.)and some tools. I just received the tools, and I think they are great. Thank you very much. I have a question: I just calibrate the stringing machine, and it is just on the right tension (great!!!).

    I. Chio, U.S.A., September 8, 2006

  29. I just wanted to let you know that I got the machine (Smart 6000) and it's working perfectly! Thanks a lot!

    V. Demetrescu, U.S.A., November 3, 2005

  30. Thanks for sending me the Smart 6000 stringing machine. I am really happy with everything. The machine (Smart 6000) is excellent! Many thanks for all your time and emails.

    J. Venerys, U.S.A., June 17, 2005

  31. Hello, I bought a Smart 6000 and I am very happy with it. Now I would like to order two more reels of 660' of your: Eagnas Perfect Spin Tennis string/white =$50.00 each. Please ship ASAP.

    P. Martinez, U.S.A., April 28, 2005

  32. Thank you very much, I received Smart 6000 and some goods on April 25th. I am very happy.

    T. Nagashima, Japan, April 26, 2005

  33. Thanks, I have got the machine (Smart 6000), looks great.

    Z. Mroziewicz, U.S.A., March 31, 2005

  34. Received the Smart 6000 yesterday, put it together and strung 2 racquets.

    My Comments:br> Good
    -Unit looked well made
    -Unit was easy to assemble
    -I cannot imagine a better system for solidly mounting a racquet to a stringing machine. This is outstanding!
    -The clamps (PN-1012* grip very well (much better than my Hawk 880).

    John Wendt, U.S.A., February 4, 2005

  35. I received it (Smart 6000) yesterday afternoon. Look's great; its time to put it to good use. Thank you for all of the replies to my inquiries. Talk to you Soon ...

    T. R. Dundas, U.S.A., December 17, 2004

  36. We received our new Smart 6000 Stringing Machine on yesterday and was happy to receive it and urgently use it! We setup the machine on last night to string several rackets.

    E. Milton, U.S.A., October 12, 2004

  37. I recently purchased a Smart 6000 and have been pleased thus far with the machine...

    M. Miller, U.S.A., August 27, 2004

  38. I am glad to receive a machine (Smart 6000).

    Y. Takada, Japan, July 30, 2004

  39. I purchased the Smart 6000 a few month ago. It is very well... I plan to buy another one within a month from now. I owned 2 pro shops.

    M. Savaria, Canada, April 27, 2004