Customers' Comments on Eagnas Supreme overwrap grip

  1. I had ordered from you the stringing machine Hawk 26e and received it last July. I wanted that most for me because I am a frequent string breaker and for some friends of mine. Some months ago I asked you about a better model and you suggested me Flex 865.From what I noticed it is a very good model I have 2 problems:

    1.I learned to string rackets in your machine and now I can say that I string the same or better of some others with more expensive machines and more years of experience. I don't know if this model is good enough for my job because now I string about 3 rackets/day. I am looking for an electronic and a table top.

    2.Is it possible to change the free reel with the new one(I think it is called nano) because I am a great fun of polyester strings?

    P.S.Thank you for the good co operation I have with you,I am very satisfied with your overgrips too.

    J. Prigos, Greece, May 17, 2008

  2. The tension head of Plus 8000 arrived today, and have it working already.

    We had some problems along the way, but I would like to thank you for your assistance in reaching a great end.

    My son has used the tennis overgrips and we are extremely happy with the amount of Supreme grip they offer and their endurance.

    G. Dawson, Australia, December 24, 2008