Customers' Comments on Eagnas Tension Meter TT-001

  1. Best money I ever spent on tennis equipment, it (TT-001) sells over 70% of my impromptu stringing jobs. I wouldn't be without it!

    T. Spencer, U.S.A., June 4, 2009

  2. I have Eagnas tension meter TT-001; and my friend has the ERT 3000 meter. They provide the same performance. But I like my TT-001. I just need to set up the frame size. The TT-001 will display the exact tension reading. With the ERT 3000, the tension reading is not easy to get. I have to look for the tension chart to get the tension. The cost of the ERT 3000 is $169.00. But the cost of the TT-001 is only $40.00. With $120 difference, I can buy more strings. My friend see my TT-001. He asks me to get one for him.

    J. Vouvakis, U.S.A., April 12, 2009