Heavy-duty thumb-adjustable stainless steel swivel clamp

PN-1017 heavy-duty thumb-adjustable universal swivel clamp, made of stainless steel materials

Stringing has never been as easy and efficient as it is now with the Eagnas thumb-adjustable clamp.

  • Teeth spacing designed for both badminton and tennis racquets
  • Slim profile design
  • Thumb-adjustable clamp, stainless steel
  • Five teeth with extra large gripping surface made much easier stringing
  • Diamond-coated teeth
  • Adjusting knob conveniently located for extra space saving, can be turned with fingers.
  • Easy to adjust
  • Secure any string
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel mechanism increases life.
  • For all the Eagnas stringing machines with dual-action swivel clamp feature
  • 1 piece per package

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Badminton Tennis

Operating Procedure:

1. Lift up the handle.
2. Use the right hand to press the teeth.
3. Use left the hand to turn the adjustment knob slightly.