Eagnas Synthetic 130 tennis string

Eagnas Synthetic 130 Tennis String

  • Synthetic gut string
  • Gauge: 16/1.30mm
  • Colors: Amber, Silver, White
  • Control : Excellent
  • Resilience : Excellent
  • Construction: High strength center core and twist-wraps with high tenacity Monofilament.
  • Features: Specially developed for durability and control. This technology provides the Synthetic 130 more comfortable feeling by a larger sweetspot. High ball control and power performance. Synthetic 130's classic construction has been further enhanced by the use of higher grade new material that improve durability and resilicancy while maintaining consistent tension.
  • Comments: For all players looking for control and durability.
  • Sample (12.2m/40 feet): Price: $5.95 each     Member Price: $4.95 each
  • Reel (200m/660 feet): Price: $65.00 each     Member Price: $45.00 each

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