Mutual Power Hercules 630 stringing machine

The Mutual Power Hercules 630 clone history:

In February 2002 the Mutual Power's supplier (Xpider Co.) copied the stand, disc brake system and mounting system of the Eagnas Smart 909, then copy the turntable and swivel clamp bases of the Eagnas GA to create the Hercules 630F model. In 2004 the Hercules 630F was down graded to Hercules 630. The Hercules 630 only has the screw brake system.

Eagnas Flex 940
Price: $529.00
2 slim stainless steel clamps (PN-1012)
Disc brake system
May 2002
Mutual Power Hercules 630F
Price: $799.00
2 aluminum clamps (SC-201)
Disc brake system
Mutual Power Hercules 630

2 aluminum clamps (SC-201)
Screw brake system