Tension tester

TT-001 Tension tester (Tension meter)

  • Patented electronic tension tester with LCD digital display
  • U.S. patent no. 5,007,294
  • Designed in Germany
  • Measure the string bed tension.
  • Measure tensions between 37 and 77 pounds (17 to 35 kilograms) on 75 to 115 square-inch racquets.
  • Battery operated
  • Optimize the power and control by maintaining string tension in the range.
  • Very useful tool to measure the string tension.
  • 1 piece per package
  • Price: $49.95       Member Price: $39.95

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Operating Procedure:

1. Set up the frame size of the racquet.
2. Place the Tension Tester at the center of the frame.
3. Attach the Tension Tester to the string by pushing the T-handle toward the Tension Tester.
4. Press "Start" key, then tap easily the frame at the 5 o'clock position with finger.