Unique Sports Tourna 300-CS stringing machine

The Unique Sports Tourna 300-CS clone history:

In 2008 the Silent Partner's supplier (Xpider Co.) copied the stand of the Eagnas XP-650, then copy the turntable and mounting posts of the Eagnas Hawk 700 to create the Jazz model.

In 2016 the Unique Sports's supplier (Xpider Co.) used the Silent Partner Jazz to create the Tourna 300-CS model. The Unique Sports's Tourna 300-CS is the same model as Silent Partner's Jazz.

Eagnas Hyper 360
Price: $549.00
2 5-tooth, stainless steel clamps (PN-1017)
Silent Partner Jazz
Price: $649.00
2 aluminum clamps (SC-201)
Unique Sports Tourna 300-CS
Price: $945.00
2 tennis clamps