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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. 4-10-2008: I'm considering buying the EAG-700Le model stringing machine... I can't believe the prices you have on these machines are they really as durable and accurate as others that I've been researching for the past week. Most of which you make comparisons with in your information.

  1. 4-10-2008: I'm considering buying the EAG-700Le model stringing machine... I can't believe the prices you have on these machines are they really as durable and accurate as others that I've been researching for the past week. Most of which you make comparisons with in your information.

    Think Eagnas's quality and durability? Don't take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say!

    1. I will be placing an order with you as soon as I get some help. I have had an Eagnas stringer for 10 years and I love it. I need to order a part for my EAG-700.

      M. Newswanger, U.S.A., October 14, 2007

    2. I own an old machine that looks similar to the Hawk 40. I purchased it from you more than 10 years ago, and it still works perfectly.

      J. Siu, U.S.A., October 24, 2007

    3. I own a "Eagnas Stringing machine Neon CX21" purchased around April 02, 2003... I am very satisfied and happy with the "Neon CX21" stringing machinr.

      L. R. Gonela, USPTA Teaching Pro, U.S.A., December 17, 2007

    4. I purchased a Hawk 800 from you in September 2001. In the user's manual it lists PN 7103A as a package of 14 frame retainers in different sizes. Is this part still available? In 6 years of use, these are the only parts that have worn out.

      T. Wasson, U.S.A., January 12, 2008

    5. Hi. I am getting back into tennis after shoulder surgery. I purchased my Eagnas stand up stringing machine over 12 years ago and it still works great! (Just a little dusty!!!).

      W. Bailey, U.S.A., April 9, 2008

    6. My name is L. Schultz de Carulla, and eight years ago, my son, M. Carulla Schultz bought from you a racket string machine for his string service store which I am currently running. I have to congratulate you all for the quality of your products, the machine is still working fine, but I would like to buy a new, more modern one. We string mostly badminton but do also tennis and squash.

      Iíve been searching on your web site, but I canít seem to see them clearly. Do you think you could send me the manual string machine catalogue (specially for tennis, squash and badminton)?

      L. Schultz de Carulla, Peru, April 24, 2008

    7. Thank you for the quick reply. Wow, not only do you ship fast, you also reply fast! Thanks for confirming the status on both of the items. I feel much better now.

      By the way, when I got the Combo 810 stringer, I was too excited to wait to try it out. So i strung a racket last night and coming from a drop weight (Eagnas DEN-3600 used for over 15 years with no problems, great quality machine) i couldn't be more pleased.

      The first thing I did after the quick and easy assembly of a few parts, was to calibrate the tension using your nice little tension calibrator.

      next, i broke into the complimentary Eagnas Perfect Spin 16 gauge string that you provided.... havent' hit with it, but just in handling it, it is nice and supple with a bit of texture on the spiral wrap. again i followed the instructions on stringing (a few additional steps with the glide bar lock, swivel clamps, and tension head release vs. a drop weight and floating clamps) but once i got the hang of the steps, it became easy, much easier to get right, since with a drop weight sometimes you need multiple pulls and string grabs to get the right tension. with the manual crank, just grasp the string in the jaws, and crank until you hear the 'snap' of the lock and you're good to go! on the first try, every time, all the time. huge time saver, and much better consistency in tension, especially combined with the firm grasping all metal clamps. i use to get a tad bit of slip and string movement using the cool looking purple and yellow nylon and black metal floating clamps. after one racket, i feel like a pro.

      besides that, great build quality, i'm sure it'll last just as long as my DEN-3600, and a real pleasure to use. if it weren't so late, i probably would've strung more rackets, i was having that much fun.

      by the way, how much is a reel of your kevlar string? does it have a rough texture (like Ashaway brand) or is it smoother (like Prince).

      Thank you!

      K. Angela, U.S.A., May 16, 2008

    8. I have had an Eagnas stringing machine for about 6 or 7 years now, and from looking the pictures on your website, it appears to be a hawk 800. I don't know the exact model number because it was purchased for me by my parents.

      A. Holmes, U.S.A., June 2, 2008

    9. I live in LA and I'm interested in purchasing a new Combo 810. I previously bought an Eagnas table top machine from you back in 1990 and it is still working well after 18 years but now I'm upgrading. I would like to place an order in the next two weeks and I'm wondering if you have the Combo 810 in stock because I would like to pick it up from your warehouse and avoid shipping costs. Thank you.

      S. Crandall, U.S.A., June 25, 2008

    10. About 5-years ago, I purchased the Flex 940. It was excellent! You guy built the best machine around the world. I appreciate it.

      J. Quiroz, U.S.A., July 29, 2008

    11. I like the combo 710 very much. I have this machine for 5-6 years. I like it so much that I refuse to give it up. I am buying some other things.

      PS: The lady at your shop is very nice.

      P. Nicolaou, U.S.A., October 3, 2008

    12. I am quoting below the communications we had about 4 years ago when I first purchased the Eagnas Flex-840 fr you. The machine worked as expected and I am very happy with it.

      J. Buendia, U.S.A., November 20, 2008

    13. I owned an Eagnas-700 for last 6 years, it has been a very good machine.

      S. Joseph, U.S.A., November 22, 2008

    14. I purchased the stringer on 4/8/2002 and it is a Smart 3000T stringer. The stringer is approaching 7 years old, but I do my racquets and some of my friends. I probably average about 6-8 stringings per month so it definitely isn't like I do this for a living, but that is still about 700 stringings over the 7 years. I really like it a lot and it has worked pretty reliably.

      G. Gracyalny, U.S.A., January 22, 2009

    15. I have your EAG 700 machine for 15 years. I did not put a penny on it for maintenance. It is a great machine. I just want to let you know. We enjoy this machine. Thanks. I have done thousands of racquets for our club.

      B. Light, U.S.A., January 31, 2009

    16. I bought one EAG 860 machine in 2004 and now strung more than 1000 badminton racquets and also tennis and squash racquets. It is giving me good service. In December I bought 48 pcs EB 66 badminton strings. They are very good.

      S. Philip, Oman, February 2, 2009

    17. Dear Tech Support,

      T. Burt and I bought an Eagnas tennis stringing machine from your company a few years back.

      We are happy with Maxline and the Eagnas machine. Please get the message that this email is for advice on what to buy, and not a complaint, but to communicate trust in you, because you sold us a good machine.

      G. Gustafson, U.S.A., February 12, 2009

    18. I bought a Tennis Racquet Stringer from you many years ago, about 8. I just read that if you are a member, you can get discounts on your products on the website. Can you please give me a membership #? I no longer have my invoice, perhaps you can look it up from back then?

      I of course really enjoyed my first machine. Thank you for your help.

      C. Holajter, U.S.A., February 17, 2009

    19. Hi, I purchase an electronic stringer from you about 1-2 years ago. Very please and have never had a problem with it. I wonder if I qualify for "member" pricing? Can you look up my info and tell me? Thanks.

      B. Denhalter, U.S.A., April 28, 2009

    20. I have Eagnas manual crank machine many years. It is great. I never have any problem. Now I would like to order the Smart 6000 electronic machine.

      G. Cooke, U.S.A., May 18, 2009